Recognizing that the the RYBL constitution and bylaws had become confusing and, in some cases, contradictory due to years of minor modifications and adjustments, the executive board embarked on a major re-write of the constitution and bylaws between the 2011 and 2012 seasons. The purpose of the major re-write was to reduce redundancy, clarify principles, update language, and provide a clearer organizing framework for the document. The attached document is the result of that effort. Because this constitution is “new,” the executive board will address any situations that arise during the playing season for which the constitution is unclear or for which the language of the constitution does not reflect the intent of the board of directors.

RYBL-Constitution-and-By-Laws_Release-date_03_10_2014(PDF Version)

RYBL-Constitution-and-By-Laws_Release-date_03_10_2014(Word Version)

8U & 10U Supplemental Rules 8U & 10U Supplemental League Rules.

Team Responsibilities 8U & 10U Team Obligations