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RYBL would like to have former players of Dave Reser write short letters of appreciation to Dave to be given to him during a military honor day for him. The letters need to be turned in by Oct 11 by e-mail to We are also looking for names and contact info for former players of Waddells and fellow coaches. Let’s celebrate one of the legends of our league!


February 2017 Board Minutes

February 16, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes Attendees: Scott Sipes, Scott Gaskins, Andy Vandenbosch, Jasen Hobson, Tom Mashino I. Call to Order, 7:09pm – Scott Sipes II. Opening Prayer offered by Scott Sipes III. Previous Board Minutes – Posted online IV. Board Reports 1. Treasurer Report – Jason Hobson a. Approx. $xxxxx in bank account b. Discuss rate structure for 2017 sign sponsorship, date of billings for 2017 teams and sign sponsorships: 12u sign sponsorship – sign included with team sponsorship; 10u & 8u sign sponsorship not included with team sponsorship. Cost of sign sponsorship to be $300 for a single…


January 2017 Board Minutes

Attendees: Tom Mashino, Scott Sipes, Scott Gaskins, Bryan Altmaier, TJ Smith, Andrew Vandenbosch, Teddy Conn, Bret Thurston, Ben Yard, Chris Gremelspacher I. Call to Order, 7:04pm – Scott Sipes II. Opening Prayer offered by Teddy Conn III. Previous Board Minutes Approval – Motion Andy Vandenbosch, Second Tom Mashino. IV. Board Reports 1. Treasurer Report – Jasen Hobson a. End of 2016 Bank Balance was $xxxx.09 b. Current Bank Balance: $xx,xxx.00 c. 2016 Annual Report on Expenses (Disbursements) and Revenues (Receipts) d. Report on Team Sponsors and Sign Sponsor Collections for 2016 e. Discuss rate structure for 2017 sponsorships, date of…


November 2016 Board Minutes

Attendees: Shannon “Tommy” Knepley, Thomas “Ace” Stout, Butch Frazier, Jimmy Rayl, Ryan Pownall, Bryan Altmaier, Andy Vandenbosch, Scott Sipes, Tom Machino, Curt Trainer, Matt Harsh, Matt Morgan & Chris Gremelspacher I. Meeting called to order 6:41 pm by Ace Stout II. Opening prayer offered by Ace Stout. III. Previous board meeting minutes approved. IV. Reports: a. Treasurer report Hobson: All bills are current. Balance was reported at $5300. b. Secretary report Gremelspacher: No report c. Equipment Mgr Trainer: Curt reports managers still in possession of gear. d. Player Agent Pownall: No report e. Umpire in Chief: No Report. f. 1st VP Stout: No…

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